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Creating the Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy to optimize Your Business

Why Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy to Optimize Your Business is important

In today's connected environment, every company needs a solid digital marketing plan that can be executed efficiently. Marketing goes way beyond just websites and newsletters, and it can be complex to construct a winning strategy. When companies need to construct a workable digital marketing strategy, they frequently need help to do so from a professional. This article is all about helping you construct your company's marketing strategy that will make you stand out both online and in person helping you build the brand you want to achieve.

How to Create the best possible digital marketing strategy/

In order to create the best possible digital marketing strategy that you can for your business you want to take some time out and sit down with the major players in your company. You want to talk about the goals that you want to reach. A plan is going to be crucial in order to execute these goals in a focussed and achievable way. Your Marketing plan should  take into consideration what your business is doing well and what you're missing out on currently that needs Improvement.

Step 1: Diagnose your Challenge.

Step 2: What is your goal? 

Step 3: How can you get there? 

There are many ways to achieve your marketing goals such as: 

  • Create a blog
  • Advertise on social media platforms
  • Include lot’s of educational content on your website
  • Use SEO aka Search Engine Optimization for targeted traffic
  • Start a Podcast
  • Email Campaign
  • Newsletter

Find which strategy will best help you get there, usually a combo of SEO & PPC ads are a favorite combo of ours! If you start with PPC for the first 3-4 months and then your SEO kicks in and you achieve that nice organic growth curve after that. This way you aren’t paying for your ads to run at all times, just makes it more sustainable in our opinion! 

Important things when creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for your business

The first thing you want to do when you start to plan your marketing strategy is you want to start building a buyer Persona. You want to draw up a complete profile of the demographic of your targeted customer, the ones you would like to do business with most. Having a buyer Persona in mind means that you'll be able to sort out which tactics are going to pay off with the specific type of person.

It's always best to base your buyer personas on actual real data instead of making a guess about your customer base. If you end up making an incorrect assumption about your target audience, it will distract you from the proper marketing strategy.

When you research your persona, include a blend of prospects, current customers, and people who are not in your customer list to match up best with your target audience for your marketing strategy.

It's really helpful to know the location, income, and each of your targeted personas. If you're a B2B business-to-business bracket company, is a good idea to find out the prospects' job title and company name as well. 

Bringing it all together

If you have all of the following information that we've discussed in this article so far there's a few more things we're going to need to do in order to bring the whole strategy together. You want to come up with an inventory of all the existing media that your business has whether that be any photos, videos, digital Snippets, or any other content. You also need a plan to come up with new content regularly for your business marketing strategy.

 After you compile your buyer Persona, digital goals, and inventory of existing media and your plan to create new content for your marketing, you will have a super powerful digital strategy at your fingertips. Creating a strategy of this sort will help your business compete in a difficult economy and will optimize your spending based on increased leads and sales on a daily basis for your company.