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Why are Vehicle Wraps better then Repainting?

Vinyl Wrapping is an adhesive backed film that can be used to change the color or to wrap it with your business logo and gain huge amounts of daily views. Vinyl Wraps come in thousands of colors and tons of finishes such as Matte, Satin, Gloss, Pearl, Metallic, Chrome, & Color-shift materials.

1. Cost

A quality vinyl wrap by a certified tech is much cheaper then getting a car repainted. Full Vinyl Wraps start at around $2000 for average sized cars and can go upward of $4000 for large vehicles or fully custom jobs. It is also much easier to achieve finishes such as matte and satin with a quality vinyl wrap then with spraying as inconsistencies really show.

2. Reversible

TIred of the color of your car or the look of your wrap? Not a problem as vinyl wraps can be quickly and easily removed without leaving any scuffs or damages on the paint.

3. Protection

Vinyl Wraps go over the current paint on the car and protect the paint from rock chips, swirl marks, & bird droppings. Vinyl Wrapping preserves the resale value of your car down the road as the paint is kept looking brand new. Vinyl Wraps have a longevity of up to 10 years if kept indoors however regular wear and tear may bring that down to 4-7 years depending on your location and weather.

4. Maintenance

Vinyl Wrapping is low maintenance compared to paint jobs. Paint clear coat can be easily damaged during washing with brushes and unclean cloths which leaves behind swirl marks and micro marring. It also needs to be waxed regularly to keep it in pristine condition. Vinyl wraps are self healing in the sun so any small scratches or marring tend to disappear with time in the sun.

5. Customization

With a vinyl wrap you can do anything you can imagine. Any Design, Any Color, Any Finish everything can be accomplished. If a vinyl color is not available we will custom design and print it for you!